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What is a “travel trailer”?
Travel TrailerTravel Trailer Sales”Travel trailers” or “campers” are towable units, towed by means of a frame hitch on a towing vehicle. Travel trailers come in a variety of sizes, from a small bedroom on wheels to a small apartment with all the amenities of a fifth wheel and multiple slide-outs. A large travel trailer can serve as an inexpensive vacation home on wheels, or a permanent campsite on a rural piece of property. At the Pedata dealership in Arizona, we have many travel trailer options, new and used travel trailers, and an online searchable database of travel trailers for sale.

Travel trailers vary in length from 10 to 35 feet, with an average length of 15 to 19 feet. Though travel trailers tend to weigh less than other units, they still must be pulled by a properly rated tow vehicle. Trucks and SUV’s are the most common tow vehicles for larger models, but some full-size cars equipped with towing packages are able to tow small and mid-size models. Also, unless you are towing a very small unit, you should purchase a load distributing hitch and additional devices available to control the sway of the trailer. Most models are generally built close to the ground and have much lower clearance than a Class A motorhome or fifth wheel, but similar interior height.

Smaller travel trailers will accommodate one couple comfortably. Twenty feet and up can sleep a family of four, sometimes even six or more. Larger travel trailers have been known to handle two couples or more depending on the kind of sleeping quarters incorporated into the floor plan. Some include living area couches and dinettes that convert into beds, while others provide multiple bedrooms. New and used travel trailers/campers for sale are available with bunkhouse-style sleeping quarters for a large group or family. Most models come fully furnished.

If the travel trailer sounds right for your needs, consider buying from the Pedata dealership. Even if you’re not in Arizona, you can buy from Pedata with confidence. Visit our online sales showroom to check our inventory of new and used travel trailers.

Travel Trailer Sales – Price Ranges
New and used travel trailers/campers for sale are generally priced anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000, depending on the amenities included. The basic construction is consistent from unit to unit. The good news is that you can find reliable new and used travel trailers for sale at Pedata RV Center in Arizona. Our online database of travel trailers for sale can’t be beat!

The Low-Cost Travel Trailer (Less Than $20,000)
The least expensive models are small rigs with simple interiors. They are constructed with aluminum framing and siding, and minimal insulation, if any. These units include a simple bathroom with or without a shower, and basic appliances, including a propane stove and possibly a microwave. There will be lower quality fabrics and less “fit and finish” on the cabinetry, made of artificial laminated wood. Check out Pedata’s selection of these types of travel trailers for sale.

The Mid – High Priced Travel Trailer ($20,000 To $60,000)
Mid to high priced models have superior construction and amenities as well as more living space. Trailers in this price range are constructed with aluminum framing, and insulated with fiberglass or polystyrene, like many homes. Most exteriors are fiberglass except lines such as Airstream, which are slick aluminum. Quality windows, hardware, appliances and fabrics are found throughout these RVs. Luxury upgrades are also available, including Corian countertops, real wood cabinetry and tile floors. Check out Pedata’s selection of these types of travel trailers for sale.

No matter which kind of travel trailer you decide to buy, Pedata’s online searchable inventory of new and used travel trailers for sale can’t be beat! Even if you’re not in Arizona, you can buy from Pedata with confidence. Visit our online sales showroom to check our inventory of new and used travel trailers for sale.

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