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Tag: used travel trailers

Tips RVing with Kids: Just a Hint…It Should Be Fun!

Get out on the road in your used travel trailers and RVs without worrying about “keeping the kids entertained” during the trip! With the recreational vehicle at your disposal traveling with kids just got easier. Hint, Hint: RV Travel with Kids Should be Fun! 1. Get the right RV. There are a variety of RV […]

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Used Travel Trailers and the Perfect Small Town

Every road trip has a beginning and every road trip has a final destination. Many of them have a return trip as well. Sometimes even the best laid plans lead to side trips that weren’t planned, changes to the itinerary, or even a complete remapping of the course. Used travel trailers out on the road are veterans at all of the above because they are the consummate road trippers. They have been everywhere, seen everything and done everything. As the driver, the RVer has enjoyed it all.

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Pedata RV Center Publishes How To Article on Incorporating “Green” Habits into the Recreational Vehicle

Pedata RV Center publishes “how to” article on incorporating “green” habits into the recreational vehicle. “How to” articles and other helpful hints and tips are added to the online article directory regularly in order to keep Pedata RV Center buyers and other interested consumers up to date on industry info and products.   “Going green” […]

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Texas Campgrounds: Don’t Underestimate Used Travel Trailers

When navigating the wilds of Texas, whether in the country or popular urban areas, it is best not to underestimate used travel trailers. The acknowledgement of used travel trailers as a viable method of transportation through one of the most iconic areas in the American South could be the best decision any RVer ever made.

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The Campground Community: Get Out of The Used Travel Trailer

It takes some RVers a while to get used to the “community” feeling that can be found at many RV campgrounds. While RVing can be a solitary experience, for most RVers owning and traveling by recreational vehicle, it immediately means gaining admittance into the RVing community. This community feeling is especially evident at RV campgrounds. That is, it’s evident to those who are willing to get out of their used travel trailer and get involved.

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Pedata RV Center Notices RV Dealers Increasing Inventory in Response to Consumer Confidence

Pedata RV Center and other RV dealers are increasing their available inventories in response to the notable increase in consumer confidence. Gerard Pedata of Pedata RV Center said, “Consumer confidence levels are increasing. They aren’t anywhere near as high as they’ve been in years past, but they are showing definite positive signs and the consumer […]

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Pedata RV Center Cites Consumer Confidence Increase as Used Travel Trailers Sales Increase

Pedata RV Center cites increased consumer confidence levels in May. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index increased for the third month in a row in May 2010. As consumer confidence continues to increase Pedata RV Center sees increase in the interest and purchase of used travel trailers. Gerard Pedata of Pedata RV Center said, “There’s […]

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RV Insurance for Your Used Travel Trailers

Whether you are purchasing a new Motorhome Class A, or used travel trailers, you need to make some decisions about insurance. You may wish to explore all options in your state before you let the RV dealer clinch the deal. Why you need RV insurance Almost all states require RV owners to have insurance. No […]

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How to Choose a Generator for Your Used Travel Trailers

If you’re planning to dry camp (sometimes known as “boondocking”), you need a generator. There are a number of different generators from which to choose for use with your used travel trailer. Where do you begin when you look for a generator? One thing you need to consider is what size generator you need or […]

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