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Month: December 2011

Lightweight Travel Trailers

Who prefers lightweight travel trailers in today’s RV industry where Class A’s and Fifth wheels and even some of the smaller RVs offer all the conveniences of home? Does anyone still prefer the lightweight travel trailers or are they a thing of the past? Would it surprise you to discover that smaller, compact travel trailers are among one of the most popular of the RV types currently available?

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5th Wheel Toy Hauler

The 5th wheel toy hauler is a bit of a conundrum for some RVers. There’s a lot of confusion. There are also several myths that should be discussed in order to get a clear idea of the 5th wheel and even more specifically, the 5th wheel toy hauler.

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Talking About Class C Motorhomes

You’ve heard of the Class A. Most view it is the big guy on the road; the biggest of the RVs. You’ve also heard of the fifth wheel and the travel trailer. They’re both trailers, but the fifth wheel requires a fifth wheel hitch and can be just as big as the Class A while the travel trailer is typically the smallest of the RVs and requires only the traditional hitch and fairly small tow vehicles. We’ve discussed the Class B recently and cleared up any confusion there. Now it’s time to talk about the Class C motorhomes.

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Pedata RV Center Publishes RV Tire Safety Article for Free Online Access

Pedata RV Center publishes RV tire safety article for free online access. There are many issues related to tire safety that are easily overlooked. One of the most commonly overlooked issues related to RV tire safety is that travel trailer tires have to checked and re-checked just as often as full size RV tires. Having […]

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The Class B RV Confusion

The Class B RV is most often described as confusing to those who aren’t in the know about RVs and the RV industry. Most would assume it’s something between the Class A and the Class C since that would be logical considering the alphabetical classifications, but this isn’t enough of a definition.

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Travel Trailers Used Options

Have you weighed all the options for your upcoming RV purchase or have your skipped over the opportunity to get a lot more for your dollar with travel trailer used options? If this is your first escapade into RV ownership you might want to consider dipping your toes in with a smaller recreational vehicle instead of leaping in headfirst with one of the larger vehicles.

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Used Travel Trailers For Sale

Used travel trailers for sale are still out there. You haven’t missed your shot. You can still get one purchased and ready for your holiday trip if you stop wasting time mulling over the potential pitfalls and “what if’s.”

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Used RV Sales

Used RV sales are sometimes viewed in a derogatory fashion. For instance, take the term used car salesman. When used in a stereotypical fashion, this phrase is not a compliment or endearment. The same stereotypical definitions and prejudices are often associated with used RV sales. That’s why it’s so important to consider the advantages of buying a recreational vehicle or motorhome pre-owned.

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Pedata RV Center Cites New Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Research Showing Growth In RV Ownership

Pedata RV Center cites new Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) research showing growth in RV ownership. Research conducted by the RVIA also indicates strong purchase intentions amongst the latest RV Consumer Demographic Profile. Richard Curtin, RV industry analyst and director of consumer surveys at University of Michigan, conducted the study. Highlights of the Study Include: […]

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No More Motorhomes for Sale

I see motorhomes for sale on every corner. I’m an avid watcher of RVs and motorhomes that are up for grabs. I’ve wanted to buy one for years. You might even say that it’s a lifelong dream of mine.

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Fifth Wheels Are the Best Method for RV Travel

I’ve purchased more than my fair share of recreational vehicles and of all those that I’ve owned and made use of, fifth wheels are my favorite. Fifth wheels might not be the best choice for EVERY RVer, but they are definitely the best choice for me and I would have to guess that their advantages would make them the best option for a pretty big group of RVers.

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5 Favorite Christmas Movies to Enjoy in Your Fifth Wheel Camper

You’re headed out in your fifth wheel camper. You have the typical preparations handled. You have checked each and every maintenance issue off of your list. You are a veteran RVer and you know what you’re doing. You are positive that you haven’t forgotten anything. And then you remember that you’ll be on the road […]

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Pedata RV Center Releases Tips for “Light” RV Travel

Pedata RV Center releases tips for “light” RV travel. Some RV owners appreciate the ability to outfit their RVs with every item and amenity available. Other RV owners appreciate the RV’s ability to offer them spontaneous or quick travel. These RV owners are often looking for tips on traveling “light.” Tips for Traveling “Light” in […]

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