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Month: December 2010

Class A Motorhome Historic Appreciation

Did you know that the very first recreational vehicles appeared on the market in the 1900s? As cars were invented, as were trailers and smaller types of the Class A motorhome. People have always enjoyed sleeping wherever the open road leads them. Those who were Class A motorhome or RV camper enthusiasts were called Tin […]

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Diesel Pusher And Safety Precautions For Women

According to the Travel Industry Association, 35% of solo drivers on the road in a diesel pusher or RV are women who range between the ages of 18 and 35. Women happen to be the largest number of drivers who are driving RVs, such as a diesel pusher or travel trailer, on the road by […]

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Pedata RV Center Releases Top 3 List of iPhone Applications to Help Motorhome Travelers Save Money on Gas

Pedata RV Center releases Top 3 List of iPhone applications to help motorhome travelers save money on gas. When on the road this holiday season, RVers are going to be on the lookout for “lower” gas prices, dividing up gas costs between multiple passengers, etc. Instead of depending on line of sight or amateur math skills, smart motorhome holiday travelers are making use of their smart phones.

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Fifth Wheel RV Family: The Spirit Of Giving

A lot of 5th wheel fifth wheel families have chosen to give a gift of experience, which is one that every one in the family can use and enjoy. Some 5th wheel fifth wheel travelers are taking an RV vacation as an alternate to the traditional gifts. During the challenging economic times, people are purchasing […]

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Motorhomes For Sale Can Lead To A Healthy Lifestyle

Some people feel stuck at work. They feel overwhelmed at work and at home. Is this you? You should check out the motorhome for sale in your area, so that you can give yourself a break. Motorhomes for sale can give your mind a rest and boost your creativity because life on the road via […]

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Pedata RV Center Urges Recreational Vehicle Travelers to Be Cautious of Scams During Travel

Pedata RV Center urges recreational vehicle travelers to be cautious of scams during travel. Recreational vehicle travel is convenient for holiday trips as accommodations are included in the mode of transportation. And while most travelers are well aware of the need for checklists and careful preparation for on the road emergencies, etc. there are still those situations that no one wants to fall victim to, but most people take no precautions against thefts, assaults and cons.

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Travel Trailers For Sale Info On Loans

Have you started looking for new or used travel trailers for sale to buy? Are you overwhelmed with the decisions that go into shopping travel trailers for sale, especially those around budget? There may be many makes and models of travel trailers for sale that fall out of your range. It is important that you […]

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Class B Motorhome Vacations To The Spa

Some Class B motorhome drivers spend hours traveling and in an upright, tight position. If this is you, you may want to think about parking your Class B motorhome and indulging yourself at one of the spas that are listed below. If you have had a cramp from working out, from sitting too still, or […]

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RV For Sale And Why You Should Buy!

Has it crossed your mind as to why people like are eager to purchase an RV for sale? You will find that there are several reasons to people who have bought an RV for sale. Motor homes draw a variety of owner types. Some want to buy an RV for sale so that they can […]

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Pedata RV Center Releases Top 3 List of Tips for Staying Healthy During Holiday Travel

Pedata RV Center releases Top 3 list of tips for staying healthy during holiday travel.

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Pedata RV Center Sees More Families Indulging in Holiday Gift-Vacation Combinations

Pedata RV Center sees more families indulging in holiday gift-vacation combinations. This is most likely due to the fact that families are cutting back. Combining holiday gift costs with family vacations is one way that families are indulging in their traditional pastimes while spending less.

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Your RV Dealer Offers Accessories To Enhance Your Motor Home Experience

If you are eager to purchase a new or used recreational vehicle, then make sure you ask your RV dealer for guidance. Your RV dealer is available and trained to help you in making a smart decision that is best for you. You need to find a motor home or travel trailer that fits your […]

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Used Travel Trailers And A Quick Escape

Some times you find yourself stuck in the mundane, ordinary week. The kids are in school, you are at work, and you feel overwhelmed. This is when you and your family should take a break and getaway. Motorhomes and used travel trailers are the ideal way that you and your family should use to escape. […]

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Class C Motorhome And Living Fulltime

Are you a weekend vacationer with your Class C motorhome or travel trailer? Has living a life full time on the road in your Class C motorhome always been lurking in the back of your mind? Do you and your motor home family question the possibility? What is keeping you back from trying out the […]

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Tips Used Motor Homes Connecting To The Internet

Were you aware that there was wireless internet availability in used motor homes? Not only do used motor homes have the capacity to handle WiFi, but there are hot spots popping up across the nation. Wireless internet connection is available at many RV camp grounds that house used motor homes or travel trailers, as well […]

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