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Month: July 2010

RVs For Sale Must Have A Good Battery Bank

Both new and used RVs for sale have a battery bank that should be checked before purchased. You want your battery bank to work properly and be charged well. So, before buying any RVs for sale, discuss this important item with your RV dealer. New and used RVs for sale will have a battery bank […]

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Pedata RV Center Releases Safety Tips for RVers and Cell Phones

Pedata RV Center releases safety tips for RVers and cell phones.

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Should You Drive Your Class C RV On The Alaska Highway? Yes!

Are you ready to hit the Alaska Highway with your Class C RV? Are you worried about such a trek? The following tips should answer your questions- gas, food – about traveling in your Class C RV along the Alaska Highway. Things to know before you leave in your Class C RV It is time […]

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Pedata RV Center Celebrates National Recreation & Parks Month

Pedata RV Center celebrates National Recreation & Parks Month with the release of parks worthy of exploring in Arizona, California and New Mexico.

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Used RVs: Safety Measures

If you are about to take a trip, follow these safety tips for used RVs. They are important if you are a newcomer to used RVs or an old pro. These safety measures for used RVs will give you comfort when on the road. Safety measures with used RVs, before you hit the road 1.         […]

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Used RVs For Sale By Owner And Formaldehyde: Don’t Worry

There was a large formaldehyde scare directly after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, which caused worry in those searching to purchase used RVs for sale by owner. People feared buying used RVs for sale by owner thinking that formaldehyde was in the motor home and that it was dangerous. Learn the facts about formaldehyde – […]

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Pedata RV Center Sees Changes Being Made to Accommodate the Diesel Emissions Requirements

Pedata RV Center sees changes being made to accommodate recent changes to diesel emissions requirements.

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Pedata RV Center Releases Top 5 List of RV Musts for Fall

Pedata RV Center releases top 5 list of RV musts for fall traveling. Wondering what to do on the road in the fall?

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Used RVs For Sale Are Available Today

When looking for used RVs for sale, check with used RVs for sale by owner, used RVs for sale dealerships, and also used RVs for sale consignment offers. There are many used motorhomes on the market and available for you to purchase at a good price. Used RVs for sale have a lesser rate of […]

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Lightweight Travel Trailers Is Easy Camping Even With Disabilities

Camping in lightweight travel trailers is easy for those with disabilities because of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Most all lightweight travel trailers have models that are built in accordance to ADA rules and are modified for those with disabilities. The lightweight travel trailers are adapted for people with disabilities special needs and can […]

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Travel Trailers Used Are Good As Emergency Shelters

When disasters happen unexpectedly, you can be prepared and use travel trailers used as a form of shelter and a part of your evacuation plan. Some disasters could be a dangerous wildfire, while others could be hurricanes. Travel trailers used are a good option for you to utilize and keep your family safe. Travel trailers […]

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Class C Motorhomes And Cooking While Boondocking

Cooking in Class C motorhomes can be fun and easy when boondocking. You may be used to preparing foods and meals when camping with Class C motorhomes, so read the following tips to be as prepared for boondocking. Turn the challenge into something fun for the whole family. What are the meals that work well […]

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Pedata RV Center Announces Their Top 3 “On the Road” Recipes

Pedata RV Center announces their Top 3 “On the Road” recipes. Traveling by travel trailer? Fifth Wheel? Class A? Class B? Most still want to enjoy the classic camping recipes.

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The Class B RV – Known By Many As Van Conversion

Some people know the Class B RV as a van conversion because of their shape and how they are built. The Class B RV looks like a van and is built on a van chassis. The Class B RV is not as large as the Class C or Class A motor home, but are ideal […]

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5th Wheel Toy Hauler – Plan Your Winter Vacation

Many people decide to purchase a 5th wheel toy hauler because it is useful in the winter as well as the summer. You can pack the 5th wheel toy hauler up with your winter equipment, such as skis, snowboards, and even snow mobiles. Then, you can hit the road in your RV and enjoy your […]

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