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Month: November 2009

Some Great Toy Hauler Destinations

Now that you have your toy hauler, you will be looking for ATV trails. There are many trails in the United States with widely varying scenery, and complexity. Take a look at Ocotillo Wells Take your toys to California and ride in the Ocotillo Wells Recreational Area. You’re looking at 80,000 acres of desert for […]

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Creative Ways to Use Your Toy Hauler Garage

Toy haulers are a relatively new kid on the block among recreational vehicles. They are designed with a “garage” for All Terrain Vehicles, Off-Road Vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, or any other kind of large “toy” that a person might take to play with on vacation. But, does a toy hauler’s usefulness need to be […]

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Kids with Disabilities in Your Travel Trailer

Traveling with kids can be challenging at best. But, if your child has special needs, you will want to be particularly well-prepared before you take a trip. Your travel trailer will make your trip easier before you begin since your child will be living and sleeping in familiar surroundings no matter where you may be […]

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Service Animals Can Join You in Your Travel Trailer

What do a dog, a Capuchin monkey, a pot-bellied pig, a cat, a rabbit, a miniature horse, birds, and snakes have in common? If you guessed that they could all be service animals, you would be correct.  Some pull wheelchairs, while others detect seizures. A dog may alert a hearing-impaired person to the doorbell, or […]

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Fredericksburg, Texas: a Great Destination for You and Your Class C

Fredericksburg is arguably one of the prettiest spots in the Texas Hill Country. There is something for everyone including Class C RVers. It’s definitely worth your while to visit. Baron Otfried Hans Meusebach founded Fredericksburg as part of his mission to help German immigrants. Many of the Germans who settled Fredericksburg were liberal, educated people […]

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Does a Class C RV Fit Your Lifestyle?

When choosing a Class C RV for your family, it is helpful to consider the various benefits in order to make an informed decision. A recreational vehicle is a big expenditure and you want to study the market in light of your family’s needs before you invest in one. Many Class C RVs have the […]

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Supporting Your RV Habit After the RV Sales

Even if fulltime RVing is your life dream, every day life requires something besides a dream to in order to keep on the road. What can you do to make money while you are traveling? Creative road warriors have discovered a number of ways to stay solvent. Internet Income Some folks generate an income via […]

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After the RV Sales; Loving the Lifestyle

What do people love about the fulltime RV lifestyle? There are many things that draw folks to life on the road. Love of travel is a given for folks who are fulltime RVers. They might winter in Florida, and summer in New York. Maybe they spend a year studying Native American culture, or the following […]

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How to Make a Wise Toy Hauler Purchase

No matter how attractive the toy hauler is, if the parts you cannot see are not well constructed it may not be good value. As a trailer or fifth wheel that is carrying extra weight in the garage, you would do especially well to look at the chassis of any toy hauler you are thinking […]

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Accessories for Your Toy Hauler

You can purchase a number of different accessories for your toy hauler. There are items to make life easier, articles that will keep you safer and some which will help protect your investment. There is also equipment that will make your life more comfortable. A rock and mudguard unit for your truck will protect your […]

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Travel Trailer Emergencies: You Can Be Ready

No one likes to think about having to deal with an emergency when they are on the road in their travel trailer. Nevertheless, emergencies do come up, and it’s best to be prepared for them when they do. Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There are things you […]

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Easy Ways to Save Money Vacationing in Your Travel Trailer

So, you’d like to take a vacation in your travel trailer? But, you’ve already taken a salary cut, and the cost of gasoline is high. Did you know that your travel trailer can help you save money on your vacation? First, do the maintenance on your travel trailer. Tune up your engine, and replace worn […]

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Some Ways Journaling Can Enhance Your RV Travels

Have you gone on an unforgettable RV trip, but later when you were recounting your tales, you found that some of the details eluded you? Pick up a spiral bound notebook, and a pen next time you travel. Use it to record your adventures. Basic Strategies to successful Journaling You can begin by making a […]

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How to Stay Safe Traveling by RV

You’re packed, and ready for adventure. Wait! No matter how often you’ve traveled, you should have a checklist on how to stay safe traveling in your RV. When did you last brush up on good driving practices? Like it or not, after age 50, reflexes slow down, vision deteriorates, and you’ve forgotten what you learned […]

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The RVers WiFi Survival Guide

With the right equipment, some know-how and bit of savvy any RVer can easily access the internet through reliable connections daily while on the road. Some even successfully keep full time jobs after giving up their traditional residences completely and taking to the road full time. The first step is making sure you have the […]

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