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Used Diesel Pusher Motor Homes Compared to Other RV's Out There

Diesel Pusher Motorhome

Diesel pusher motor homes are large, self-contained RVs that have the driving quarters in the same space as the living quarters.  These have the advantage of being generally easier to operate than their tow-behind RV counterparts, but also tend to be a bit more expensive when purchasing new.  For that reason, many buyers choose to look at previously owned recreational vehicles. 

There are three main types of motor homes on the road today.  One type is called a Class A.  These RVs are the bus-shaped, long and sleek models and the largest diesel pusher motor homes available, as well as the most expensive.  Like any motor home type, however, there are many varieties and prices within its classification.  Class A motor homes generally include full bathrooms, sleeping areas, and kitchens and can be powered by gas or diesel. Diesel Class A motor homes are often referred to as Diesel Pushers.

The type is down the list is called a Class B.  These recreational vehicles are generally the smallest of the self-contained RVs.  They generally offer the same amenities as diesel pusher Class A motor home, but smaller.  Class B motor homes are very easy to drive compared to diesel pusher motor homes and make it less necessary to tow an additional car or truck.

Class C motor homes are identifiable by their sleeping quarters which overhang the driver and passenger seats.  These RVs are built on a truck chassis, and when buying new are fairly inexpensive, but you still sacrifice space compared to a diesel pusher. Compared to Class B motor homes, Class C’s offer more living space, but are less spacious than diesel pusher motor homes. But much like Class A diesel pushers, they are able to pull other vehicles, including smaller cars for local travel.

To get into a Class A RV on a tighter budget, shopping for a used diesel pusher motor home could show that you may actually may be able to afford an RV for sale this size. When buying used, it is important to consider several factors.  First and most obvious, how old is the motor home you are considering buying?  While significantly older models may present a better value up-front, their long term maintenance expenses will generally be higher, and they may receive poorer gas mileage.  However, many diesel pusher motor homes are of relatively high quality, and will likely have a longer life on the road than an RV of lower quality.

Another point to consider is the care that the used diesel pusher has been given over its life.  The physical condition – whether it is clean, nothing broken, generally in good repair – can be a good indicator of the amount of care the RV was given by its previous owners.  While a messy or well-used RV doesn’t necessarily mean its engine will be the same, it does show heavier use, and greater care should be taken in examining the engine and mechanical elements.

Lastly, think ahead about where you will keep your used diesel pusher motor home when it is not in use.  Many neighborhoods and cities have regulations regarding where a vehicle of this size may park.  When it is in use, do you plan on staying in RV parks or camp grounds?  Make certain that your destination is equipped for an RV this size.  It sounds simple, but thinking ahead for details like this can make the difference between a satisfied new owner and a frustrated one.

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