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Shopping for a Used Diesel Pusher

Used Diesel PusherYou’ve made the decision to buy an RV, specifically a Class A diesel pusher.  And, because of your current budget, you know that affordability points to buying a pre-owned vehicle rather than a new one.  Finally, you’ve decided that you want to purchase a used diesel pusher.  So what’s next in the process?  Well, there is a little bit of homework that needs to be done before making the recreational vehicle purchase, specifically knowing what to watch for as you examine the different models out there.  The following is a list of suggestions to help the consumer in their quest for finding the perfect diesel pusher for them.

If you’re looking for luxury in your travel experience without the price, purchasing a used diesel pusher is the way to go.  When it comes to fuel efficiency and power, the diesel engine beats out the gasoline motor hands down.  The biggest advantage to buying a used Class A diesel pusher is that you can get all the features and quality that you’d find on a new one more cost-effectively.

Another benefit is one that involves depreciation in the value of the new models.  Once the newer vehicles are driven off the lot, they start to depreciate at a faster rate for the first few months.  The benefit to the consumer is that they can find a nice used diesel pusher for an even nicer price because of the depreciation factor.  The downside is that once a used motorhome exceeds 3-5 years of age, financing becomes a little more difficult.  It is recommended that you buy one that is in the neighborhood of 18 months to 2 years old.  You’ll get better terms on your financing and of course, the vehicle will be more like  a newer one.

Once you find the used diesel pusher that you’re the most confident in, take it to a certified diesel mechanic (or bring them along if it’s possible) to inspect that vehicle from “nose to toes”, even if you have to pay a little money to do this.  That small investment can save you tons of expense in the long run.

When it comes to peace of mind, this is the most important suggestion of all.  Avoid the temptation of buying from a private party.  It may cost you a little more initially, but you won’t regret it.  Just ask yourself the following questions before you deal with a private individual to purchase that motorhome from:

Who do I take my motorhome to if something serious happens with the motor or drive train, or it has other problems that a warranty would normally cover? Furthermore, what if I want an extended warranty for additional coverage?

How do I know that the owner of the motorhome has taken care of the vehicle and performed preventative maintenance and used quality replacement parts for repairs?

What about all the legal paperwork that’s involved? And is the vehicle even registered legally and up to date?

Remember that when you are purchasing a used diesel pusher that your best bet is dealing with a certified RV dealership, such as Pedata RV in Tucson, Arizona.  For more information on their dealership visit their website at http://www.pedatarvcenter.com.

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