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Used Travel Trailer: Reenergize with Simple Decorating Tips

Many consumers choose to purchase a used travel trailer in order to get the most for their money. Owning an RV is widely accepted as a fantastic method of maximizing a limited travel budget. It decreases the costs of accommodations and food drastically when away from home. These budget minded RVers tend to take into account the fact that the used travel trailer will come at a greatly discounted price in comparison to a recreational vehicle brand new from the dealership. The only major complaint heard from some buyers is that they wish they had been able to choose the color schemes and various options for the interior of the vehicle.

For those looking to make their used travel trailer more “their own” consider these simple decorating tips to reenergize the recreational vehicle:

  1. The used travel trailer can sometimes benefit from a little bit of reupholstering. Those looking for frugal options who have at least a little bit of know-how in the sewing/DIY area could consider visiting upholstery fabric shops, choosing a fabric that will suit and completing the project themselves. Others could shop around for an affordable professional willing to reupholster the main elements in the RV.
  2. Purchasing new curtains will sometimes be all that a used travel trailer needs in order to come off as drastically updated. The curtains are a major visual element of the interior and some RVers fail to realize that they should actually approve of the pattern/color combinations that are greeting them daily. For RV owners who do not like (or who might even despise) the curtains in their RV, it is highly recommended that they be replaced.
  3. Some RVers find that they fall even more in love with their RV by adding a little bit of wallpaper. In most cases, RVers will stick with “borders” as it is much easier to apply in the small space. It can add a dramatic flair of style where none previously existed.
  4. Install new flooring if the current flooring is giving off the wrong impression of your home away from home. The recreational vehicle was not designed to last forever. If there’s carpet, it will eventually need to be replaced/updated. If there is linoleum, it can easily be torn out and replaced or upgraded. Don’t fear making changes to the used travel trailer.
  5. Finally, the used travel trailer can often benefit from a few exterior awnings. It will create a more secluded feeling when relaxing inside as well as increasing the RVs ability to retain cooler temperatures while camping. It also provides the exterior with shaded areas for outdoor relaxation and the opportunity for the color and pattern of your choice to make the outside of the vehicle just as much your own as the interior.

Most used travel trailer owners don’t feel the need to complete a complete overhaul, but many find that making a change or two increases their “coming home” feeling and escalates the rate at which they form an attachment to their new recreational vehicle. For new owners (or old owners who have simply never considered making decorative changes) consider it. In most cases, there are one or two fairly simple decorative changes that could be made that would result in a drastic improvement.


One Response to “Used Travel Trailer: Reenergize with Simple Decorating Tips”

  1. Lisa says:

    I never thought to redecorate! That is a terrific idea. I will have so much more fun hanging out in the trailer if I like the look of the stuff around me more. I’m going to try to do it before my husband’s next hankering for a road trip for sure.