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2004 Newmar Scottsdale 3001
Retail Price: $48,995.00
Pedata Direct: $36,995.00

2006 Country Coach Inspire Genoa
Retail Price: $132,995.00
Pedata Direct: $99,995.00

2011 Four Winds International Serrano 33A w/3slds
Retail Price: $124,995.00
Pedata Direct: $89,995.00

2002 National RV Tradewinds 350LE
Retail Price: $58,995.00
Pedata Direct: $49,995.00

2006 Winnebago Tour 40KD w/3slds
Retail Price: $119,995.00
Pedata Direct: $94,995.00

Travel Trailers for Sale by Owner

Travel trailers for sale by owner can be very tempting. They seem convenient because they are nearby. Sometimes they are around the corner. Sometimes they are on the corner of the highway between your home and your work. Sometimes they’re on Craigslist for sale in your area. But accessing travel trailers for sale by owner can be extremely hazardous for your RVing health.

The travel trailers for sale by owner are not regulated in any way. They may have been damaged without record. They may have been entirely ignored when it comes to regular maintenance. Travel trailers for sale by owner may come at a cheaper price than comparable RVs, but they may not be worth the smaller price tag. They may not even be worth much at all when it comes right down to it.

It’s possible to get a great deal through travel trailers for sale by owner. But in order to do so with a surety, you need to be an expert on RV mechanics. You’ll need to be able to fully check and analyze the entire vehicle. The problem is that even the most experienced mechanic would have a hard time catching each and every little blip.

With reputable dealers you have a check and balance system in place. There’s someone you can go to for resolution or aid in identifying potential issues. You’ll have access to official documentation of service and repairs. You’ll often have access to full reports on the vehicle through a reputable dealer.

You may or may not have a warranty depending upon the dealer you purchase from and the recreational vehicle at hand, but you have a much better chance of successfully managing any mechanical issues after purchase completion with a dealer rather than travel trailers for sale by owner. Travel trailers for sale by owner have very rarely been prepared for sale as thoroughly as inventory on the lot of a reputable dealer.

Still not sure that you can pass up those travel trailers for sale by owner down the street? Not sure that you can watch your brother sell his fantastic RV to the random stranger that saw the pictures on Craigslist? Consider the fact that these people are people you know. You have relationships with them. And there’s no easier way to destroy a relationship than to buy a lemon off of them. And you’d be surprised just how often this happens…even between friends and family. Avoid this problem; go through a dealer instead.


One Response to “Travel Trailers for Sale by Owner”

  1. Dallas says:

    I make it a point never to buy anything from friends and family. You’d be surprised how often things will go wrong and all the rules go out the window. Go with an actual dealer. It will avoid a lot of headache!