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2006 Holiday Rambler Navigator 43 PDQ
Retail Price: $199,900.00

2012 Thor Serrano 31X w/2slds
Retail Price: $129,470.00
Pedata Direct: $104,995.00

2007 Weekend Warrior 3905
Retail Price: $32,995.00
Pedata Direct: $24,995.00

2012 Fleetwood Jamboree Sport 31N
Retail Price: $84,995.00
Pedata Direct: $62,995.00

2008 Gulf Stream Endura 6341
Retail Price: $119,995.00
Pedata Direct: $86,995.00

You Might Just Hang Out at RV Sales If

How can you tell if you are an RV enthusiast? Is there a way to recognize other enthusiasts at RV sales? Here is a list that might help.

You might just be an RV enthusiast if you:

  • Like to imagine you are crossing the prairie in a covered wagon.
  • Picture yourself as a rock star while you’re driving down the road.
  • Dream about driving the Alaska Highway some day in your Class A.
  • Enjoy the extreme challenge of living in close quarters with your significant other on a daily basis.
  • Like connecting with family in a lot of places – and having the freedom to “disconnect” your Class B when you’ve had enough.
  • Never have to worry if your suitcases will arrive at your destination at the same time that your travel trailer does.
  • Get high when you take a deep breath in a brand new RV.
  • Take pleasure in sleeping in your own bed every night no matter where your diesel pusher is.
  • Network with other off-road vehicle owners about the best toy hauler.
  • Trade horror stories with other enthusiasts about draining your black water tank.
  • Have ever modified a funny story to fit RV life in your fifth wheeler.
  • The best way of all to tell if you are an RV enthusiast is that each time you get you motorhome ready to move on down the pike you start singing “On the Road Again”!

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