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2002 Tiffin Phaeton 35RH
Retail Price: $59,995.00
Pedata Direct: $46,995.00

2006 Winnebago Voyage 38J
Retail Price: $76,995.00
Pedata Direct: $59,995.00

1999 Tiffin Allegro Bay 37 w/1sld
Retail Price: $54,995.00
Pedata Direct: $39,995.00

2005 Alfa See Ya 40FD w/2slds
Retail Price: $74,995.00
Pedata Direct: $62,995.00

2003 Itasca Horizon 39WD w/2slds
Retail Price: $74,995.00
Pedata Direct: $59,995.00

RV Sales And Fake Sellers

RV sales, as with any type of sales, offers many fraudulent sales people an opportunity to take advantage of naïve or eager individuals. This is why it is important for you to take heed to the RV sales advice below. You do not want to end up with a lemon, or have your money stolen, or even have your identity stolen when searching RV sales.

The key to RV sales is to be alert and pay attention. Know what your budgetary limitations and restrictions are in RV sales purchases, and do not trust everyone who you come in contact with, especially if the person or company is solely found via the internet.

Be wary of the following deviances surrounding RV sales:

1. Remain cautious of what you do with your money. For example, do not send anyone your personal information when discussing RV sales (social security number, mailing/billing address, drivers license number, phone number, bank routing or account number). Unless the website is secured, do not share such information because hackers have been known to tap into such non-secured sites and steal information, thus becoming able to use it under a false identity – yours.

2. Do not pay for a used motor home unit before you see it and test drive it, especially if the recreational vehicle is in another state. You cannot trust the seller, unless you know them personally, which means you could lose the entirety of your money without ending up with the physical motor home unit.

3. Be wary of any used or new motor home units that are being sold by owners and are listed on bulk websites, such as Ebay, Craigslist, or other social networking sites. As previously mentioned, you should not ever purchase a used recreational vehicle or travel trailer sales without seeing the unit first hand.

4. You should also pay added attention when RV sellers request your personal information and a deposit prior to you being able to view or drive the motor home unit.

5. Look into companies who are selling used motor homes up on the BBB website to make sure they are verifiable and trustworthy companies.

By spending quality time learning about the unit you want and how much you can afford, you will have an advantage to buying an RV unit. But, it is just as important that you remain alert and in tune to the negative things that can happen to take advantage of eager, first time buyers. If your gut is telling you that something is wrong, trust it, and walk away.

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