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2006 Gulf Stream Crescendo SE 8356 w/2slds
Retail Price: $84,995.00
Pedata Direct: $59,995.00

2003 Gulf Stream Friendship 8408
Retail Price: $79,995.00
Pedata Direct: $64,995.00

2010 Heartland RV North Country 29RLS
Retail Price: $19,995.00
Pedata Direct: $15,995.00

2007 Palomino Winter Creek 915RS
Retail Price: $21,995.00
Pedata Direct: $16,995.00

2009 Safari Cheetah 42PAQ w/4slds
Retail Price: $172,995.00
Pedata Direct: $139,995.00

Class C Motorhomes: Maximizing Gas Mileage

The number of Class C motorhomes on the road mean that they are the choice for many. And many experts, including this humble author, believe they are the choice for many because they are a good choice in today’s economy. They offer a fair amount of the advantages RVs are known for at a mid-level price. They offer better gas mileage. And they are more easily stored and maneuvered than some of their larger recreational vehicle counter parts.

Class C Motorhomes are typically found in the mid-range of recreational vehicle pricing. Individuals looking for a good option for budget friendly travel will tend to gravitate towards RVS. But even amongst RVs the options vary widely. There are those who decide that a Fifth Wheel or travel trailer is the best idea because they already have a tow vehicle and prefer to be able to unhitch, set up camp and then drive off into the sunset to explore the surrounding area. There are those who are strictly looking for opulence and top notch features/accessories. And then there are those who aren’t really high maintenance and aren’t disturbed at the aspect of being IN their Class C motorhomes when in camp and when exploring. They find the mid-range price appropriate for the available features and amenities and discover that avoiding some of the more extensive additions and accessories also avoids some additional maintenance requirements.

The Class C RV also offers better gas mileage. Many RVers almost consider tracking their gas mileage a hobby. There are countless threads in numerous forums dedicated strictly to gas mileage. In these freely accessible online locations, new RVers can get a good idea of how Class C motorhomes compare to Class B and Class A options when it comes to gas mileage. Any RV is going to increase the amount of gas used on the road. It’s larger than the average vehicle. But the gas mileage between various recreational vehicle varies widely and is something that should be considered prior to a purchase.

And let’s not overlook the problems that come with needing a place to store your RV. Class C motorhomes are typically smaller and more easily stored in inexpensive garages or extended parking areas.

All the advantages listed above draw new RVers to the Class C motorhomes every day. And every day a new RVer will take to the road to test out their own affinity for RVing. If you’re one of them, let us know how it goes. How do you feel about the Class C?


One Response to “Class C Motorhomes: Maximizing Gas Mileage”

  1. Megan says:

    When do you think gas prices will go down? Road trips are so much more fun when the price for gas isn’t ridiculous. Not that I let it stop me.