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2001 Newmar Dutch Star 3852 2 SLDS 300 HP
Retail Price: $79,310.00
Pedata Direct: $59,995.00

2006 Coachmen Aurora 3580TS
Retail Price: $69,995.00
Pedata Direct: $49,995.00

2009 Gulf Stream Crescendo 40K w/3slds
Retail Price: $149,995.00
Pedata Direct: $104,995.00

2009 Keystone Montana 2955RL
Retail Price: $38,995.00
Pedata Direct: $29,995.00

2004 Alfa See Ya 36FD w/2slds
Retail Price: $64,995.00
Pedata Direct: $49,995.00

Motor Homes: Facts On the Class A RV Unit

Motor homes that are considered to be the most luxurious or spacious are the Class A RV units. While you can purchase these motor homes both new and used, there are some basic informational facts that overarch all makes and models. Read below to find out more on Class A motor homes.

1. These motor homes are built on one of three chassis frames, which are the bus chassis, the truck chassis, or a specifically tailored type of chassis that is custom designed and made.

2. These motor homes look like a bus on the outside because of how they are shaped. Other motor homes, such as the Class B RV and the Class C RV do not look as though they are bus shaped, but rather like a van or shorter version of a Class A RV.

3. Bus conversion is another type of RV that is considered to be a Class A RV. This design truly transforms a bus into a motor home.

4. Class A motor homes will often range between 25 and 45 feet in length, which is why they are so spacious on their interior living areas.

5. You can find motor homes that are of the Class A make and model around $100,000, depending on whether or not the recreational vehicle unit is used or new. The prices will vary in this type of unit, as with others, based on who the manufacturer is, the floor plan, the size, and the built in luxury items that the owner chooses to add or install. There are such motor coaches that cost over a million dollars.

6. Examples of amenities include, full sized appliances in the kitchen area; designer fabrics and cabinetry; satellite radio and TV options; hardwood floors; marble bathroom countertops; glass showers; a full sized washer and dryer unit; sky lights; and more. The choices are yours, as long as your budget allows.

7. You can also purchase additional space for the living areas when the motor home unit is parked, such as slide outs. This means that when the RV is parked, you can extend sides of the unit or the roof so that there is more width or height. This can be beneficial when traveling with large families or for staying at one RV camp ground for longer periods of time.

The Class A recreational vehicle offers the owner a home away from home that he/she can travel comfortably or luxuriously for a lengthy time frame. There are full timers, weekenders, or those who simply take the RV out only for special occasions. No matter the reason, they have tailored their motor coach to suit their RVing needs and lifestyle.

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