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used diesel pusherIf you are shopping for a used diesel pusher motor home you probably already know the advantages of buying a pre-owned RV. You are a budget conscious yet savvy consumer who wants the most value for your hard-earned dollar. You must also know that the diesel pusher is the most powerful and largest recreational vehicle on the market. It has all of the features and amenities that make RV travel the most relaxing and comfortable way to travel. However, you may not be aware of the best way to find and finance your used diesel pusher motor home. There are many options available to you, but they are not all equal, and may end up costing you in more ways than one if you are not careful.

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Many people who are looking for a used RV will look through the classified ads in the paper to find a private seller in order to save money up front on the purchase of a used diesel pusher motor home. They may even take down a phone number posted on a “For Sale” sign in the window of an RV sitting in front of a home or on a street corner. Although it may save you money up front, what you don’t know could cost you down the road if you buy a used diesel pusher motor home this way. There is no guarantee that the seller is being completely honest with you about the maintenance, mileage, or condition of the vehicle. There will likely be no extended warranty to cover any problems that may arise. There is no customer service after the sale.

Also, you will have to arrange your own financing. If you go to a bank or credit union to finance your used diesel pusher motor home you will have to use one of their general loan products such as a short term loan or home equity loan. These loans are great for some purchases, but they do not have the flexibility in terms that you will find in a loan that is specially designed for a used diesel pusher motor home purchase.

If you want to find a quality used diesel pusher at a great price, one of the best things that you can do is to visit a reputable wholesale RV dealer like Not only do they have listings for a great used diesel pusher motor home, they also have brand new diesel pushers at wholesale prices-which can be less than you would pay for a used RV elsewhere. All of the best makes and models in one location along with all of the “tools” that you need to buy a used diesel pusher motor home. You can get information on financing, like how much RV you can afford, and how to get pre-approved for a used recreational vehicle loan. Find out what the most current and competitive rates are and which loan product is best for your used diesel pusher motor home and your budget.

A dealer like Pedata will work with you to make sure that you get the best diesel pusher you can afford at the best price. They will help you arrange travel to the dealership if you need it-or deliver your RV right to your home, and help you trade, sell, or consign your old RV if you desire. They will offer you an extended warranty if you are interested, and they can follow up with customer service after the sale for as long as you own your RV.

Given your options it should be clear that to buy a used recreational vehicle of any kind you should consider going to a dealer like Pedata.

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