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Motorhome engines come in two different classifications --- gasoline or diesel. The terminology used when referring to the diesel engine is ìdiesel pullerî or ìdiesel pusherî depending on whether it is a front diesel engine or rear diesel engine motorhome. Before you decide one way or the other on what type of engine you want, consider the following advantages and disadvantages when formulating your decision as to the type of engine you want in your recreational vehicle.

      1.If your RV is 35 feet long or longer you should consider a diesel pusher. Not only is the length the consideration here, but once you approach the 35 foot or longer mark, the weight of the vehicle also becomes a factor. Another thing that needs to be considered is if your traveling is going to take you up and down hilly terrain on a regular basis, youíre going to need extra power. Just remember that the power generated is directly proportionate to the length of the driveshaft and its ability to transfer that power to the rear axle and wheels. When it comes to power and climbing ability (and towing), the advantage goes to the diesel engine most of the time.
      2.The concept of the hard-starting, noisy, and smelly engine is not as big an issue as it used to be. The mindset about this has been altered somewhat with the newer diesel pusher technology that is applied in their manufacturing process, and these effects have been greatly reduced. The diesel engines coming off the assembly lines today are harder working, more fuel efficient, and quieter than their ancestors were. ìEar-mountingî technology has nearly made the noise issue a non-factor anymore. Unfortunately, hard-starting in cold weather and the smell factors still exist, but not to the original extent of older diesel engines.
      .Diesel pushers are more expensive than gasoline engines. Additionally, the cost of diesel fuel is now more expensive as well, so this could prove to be a ìdouble-whammyî scenario for the pocketbook. On the other hand, diesel engines are more fuel efficient than the gasoline engines out there. However, there is still the issue of how colder weather affects this aspect just like with the hard-starting issue. Colder temperatures affect the actual fuel by causing it to gel and ice up, and that poses a very serious problem. But donít be discouraged because there are additives and mixtures available that you can add to the tank to help with these problems.
      4.The maintenance and repairs involved with a diesel engine is generally more expensive than that of a gasoline engine. Donít be surprised if that first oil change you have done in your new diesel pusher costs around $100. It is not uncommon for normal maintenance and repairs to be more costly, and not every RV mechanic is certified and knowledgeable of diesel engine maintenance and repair issues. On a positive note, diesel engines have been known to last up to 500,000 miles or more since they are considerably more durable than todayís gasoline engines that are on the market.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to the wants and needs of the consumer as well as their ability to handle the trade-offs involved with either style of engine.

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