Most Will Not Save Money with Travel Trailers for Sale by Owner

Travel trailers for sale by owner may initially seem like a fantastic way to save money, but in the long run, most find that the used travel trailer RV for sale by owner has a lot more issues than they bargained for.  It's a sad, but true fact. Most RV buyers will not save a lot of up front money when purchasing travel trailers for sale by owner. In addition, most will quickly see an unforeseen need for a cash investment into their newly acquired RV through maintenance and repairs they weren't aware of when purchasing the vehicle.

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Buying "by owner" seems like a good idea in theory, but the problem is that it's just a theory. Most of us don't have the time or the money to waste that would be required to conduct the necessary field experiments to take this method of RV purchase from theory to scientific conclusion. It's best that we rely on more of a history of case studies. When talking about buying travel trailers for sale by owner, the case studies indicate some very obvious findings. Many (possibly most) individuals who are selling their small travel trailers are doing so because there's a problem they don't want to deal with. Most aren't out to hoodwink a random stranger, they simply don't have the knowledge or the resources to resolve the issue. The most obvious solution is to sell the travel trailer so someone else will own the problem.

When purchasing from Pedata RV Center, there are no lemons. There are no hidden problems. We have given each and every RV in our inventory a thorough inspection to identify any and all current or prospective problems. Unlike the previous owners of that for sale by owner trailer you were considering, we have all the knowledge and all the resources so we are able to take care of every problem before offering our vehicles and trailers up for sale to the public. That's just one of the differences you can enjoy when purchasing from Pedata RV Center, and let's face it, that's a big difference.

Travel Trailers For Sale

2010 Heartland RV North Country 29RLS
Retail Price: $19,995.00
Pedata Direct: $15,995.00

2011 Cruiser RV ViewFinder V24SD w/1sld
Retail Price: $28,995.00
Pedata Direct: $19,995.00

2007 Western RV Alpenlite 31CK w/3slds
Retail Price: $42,995.00
Pedata Direct: $19,995.00

2006 Country Coach Inspire Genoa
Retail Price: $132,995.00
Pedata Direct: $99,995.00

2007 Grand Junction 34QRL w/4slds
Retail Price: $41,995.00
Pedata Direct: $23,995.00

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